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We are professional designers who love to create warm, inviting, safe living spaces

A two hour consultation is step one and done or the beginning of a long term association. Either way, everything begins with the Consultation.

Our passion is to create warm inviting spaces to call home. We specialize in safe, accessible, comfortably beautiful residential interiors including renovations & additions, custom furnishings & styling. We believe planning is key, so we offer residential planning services that include construction documents for those who just need the plan to get going.

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Meet Deborah Hayden

Founder & interior designer at DC 7 Designs, she brings a unique experience to her work in designing the home. She has done projects throughout the past 4 decades while raising a large family, some of that time while living abroad when working with the US Department of State.

Her highest values include family, honesty and integrity while having an open heart to serve anyone in need of her service. If you know someone with a special kind of need, don't hesitate to call.

Experienced in:

  • CAD Modeling & Construction Documents
  • Multi-generational needs
  • Mega-sized family needs
  • Accessibility needs
  • Retirement needs
  • Moving in and out of the USA
  • Cultural differences (having lived abroad over a ten year period)
  • Space Planning

Deborah Hayden, CLIPP

What is a CLIPP?

A Living in Place Professional is someone who

  • Is qualified and has access to the Home Accessibility and Safety Assessment Checklist (HASAC)
  • Has ongoing involvement and participation in all CLIPP activities
  • Stays abreast of the most recent products and developments in the field of home safety, comfort & accessibility.

Deborah Hayden, CLIPP

Learn More About Living In Place

Interior Design is NOT

just decorating magazine perfect homes

Interior Design IS

the design of space that functions best for those who use it

4 Sources Determine Your Best Design Solution

Yes, we designers love to make our clients happy by creating a space that is not only functional, but beautiful as well! We combine your taste, your wish-list, your home’s structure and your budget to create a personalized design that you will love to come home to.

How DC 7 Designs Can Help YOU

Just 2 hours can send you in the right direction, whether that is an update, a refresh, a big renovation or a move. During our 2 hour consultation, we work hard for you. Find out more by selecting the “just 2 hours” button.

There is a method we use that walks you through a home renovation process that is carefully designed to be on time and on budget. Really.

The proven strategies we have learned and that are shared by hundreds of other designers all over the world means we offer experience beyond just our team. This Business Of Design community is growing and our collective desire is to serve our clients with transparency and integrity. That’s extremely fortunate for you, the client. And for the designer (see below if you are interested in joining our community!)

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